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Background of the Study 1

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Since 1990s Internet users rapidly increasing and it is become one of the most important topic for the research. As the growing phenomenon of vast browsing of the Internet; now-a-days researchers are trying to identify what are the impacts of heavy Internet usage, specifically for the young adults. A previous study has found 83.4% of the frequent inter net uses agebetween twenty years to fortyyears. In addition, 30 of thembrowsing the Internet without any specific reason, 67% of them are male and one more vital issue is that young adults act much like teens in their tendency to use sites, where 72% of them are engaged in social networking, days and nights.During the last two decades, the way we live and the way we work have changed due to the developments in the communication and information industries. The reasons behind this are the wide distribution of computers, whereby communication among people takes place in virtual space, better known as cyberspace. This cyberspace has appeared as a new environment which is basically different from the real world we live in, as it is has linked peoples all over the world, increase efficiency at learning, we can use cyberspace for acquiring and disseminating knowledge in order for further development. Currently, based on the latest data published by Internet World Stats, there are approximately 2 billion people in the world having Internet access. The growth of Internet usage has increased tremendously to 56.4% from year 2000 to 2012. The fastest growing group is thecategory of adult aged 55 and above, while those in group 18-34 of age represent the most active online users. Principally, Asia has the highest number of Internet users in the world, approximately 922.3 million, representing 44% share of the world’s internet mmpopulation, according to data by Internet World Stats. In Bangladesh no study has examined the impact of Internet addiction. Mind Share (Research house of BD) claimed that much of the research done in this subject utilizes self-selected samples with no control groups. However, a psychiatrist in Bangladesh, Dr Jhunu Shamsunnahar (Ibne Sina Hospital) does recognize Internet addiction as a problem; she added that there are lacking of paper, academically and scientifically that could determine the level of Internet addiction in Bangladesh.

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